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Communication Excellence Awards
These awards recognize outstanding communications efforts by chambers in the following categories:

- Advertising & Marketing
- Campaigns
- Electronic
- Publications

The deadline to apply for a Communication Excellence Award will be Tuesday, February 28, 2017. Please click the link below for more information and the official application: 

2017 Communication Excellence Award Application

Service Awards
CACCE will award a Certificate of Service in recognition to members upon each 5 years of service in chamber work. Service includes a combination of executive and/or staff employment time in all chambers.

The deadline to apply for a Service Award will be Tuesday, February 28, 2017. Please click the link below for more information and the official application:

2017 Service Award Application 

Outstanding Chamber of the Year Award
In addition to recognizing organization excellence, the Outstanding Chamber of the Year Award primarily focuses on acknowledging one or more significant achievements / accomplishments that a chamber has initiated, stimulated and/or led in its respective service area at some point during the past 18 months.  All chamber members of CACCE in good standing are eligible to apply.

The award will be presented to a chamber in each of the following three membership size classifications:
-  Under 700 members
-  700 members and over

This award application will open later in 2017.

Chamber Executive of the Year Award

The Chamber Executive of the Year recognizes long-term executives who have excelled over a period of years in leading and innovatively building their chamber. The award is based on the demonstration of excellence in areas of chamber leadership, organizational management, service to the profession, community reputation / involvement, and personal attributes.

CEO-level members of CACCE in good standing are eligible to receive the award.

This award application will be open later in 2017.

Lifetime Achievement Award
(formerly Honorary Lifetime Membership
This pinnacle award is bestowed by CACCE on individuals who have retired after respectable and stellar careers in chamber leadership. Qualifications for nomination include:
- Five continuously active years of membership in CACCE at the chamber where the candidate most recently served or was most closely associated;
- Chamber professional for a minimum of ten total years; and
- Honorably retired from the chamber profession for at least two years.

No more than two recipients will be selected each year for this recognition.
The following former chamber professionals have been recognized as Lifetime Achievement Award winners:

Joseph Augustine
Phillip Ballinger
Jerry Bartels, CCE
Genie Bohler, deceased
David Cooley, CCE
Phil Coyle
Bob Croft, deceased
Tom Dayvault
K.V. Epting
Chuck Ewart, CCE, IOM
Tom Fitzpatrick
John Garman, CCE
Carroll Gray, CCE
Nat Greene
Frank "Bo" Lewis
Rick Lutovsky
Charles McFall
W.L. "Mac" McIlory
Ike McLeese, deceased
June Murff
Peggy Paksoy
R.L. "Dusty" Rhodes
Hal Siler
Oliver Toomey 
Charles Van Rysselberg
Jean Veeder
William Veeder
Edward Walker
Tom White
Sonny Wilburn
Sue Wilmouth, deceased
Bob Wright