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2017 Continuing Education / Innovative Project Grants

Innovate or Die!
We have heard this statement, we have repeated this statement, and we have come to accept the realization of the truth of this statement. Today, CACCE is announcing an opportunity for you to move from this becoming a philosophy to an action item at your Chamber in pursuing one of two grant opportunities geared toward either Continuing Education or Innovation. 

Take an idea or concept you believe will benefit your chamber, your staff, your members, or your community and turn that concept into a project/program. Or is there a training opportunity for you or a staff member that you need help to attend? Do the research, determine the need, build a budget, and then...

Complete the Grant Application below, write a brief explanation of your project or training opportunity that includes the scope, budget, and how the project or training will impact your organization. For a project, include the factors that led to the development of the project, the desired results of the project, and how you will track the success or impact of the project. Provide an implementation plan with action steps involved and a time-frame for your project.

Next task is to put your concept into ACTION. If you are awarded a grant for your program or training opportunity, simply implement your project/program or attend the training, and then share the outcomes with your CACCE peers.

Click the link below for the official grant application...


Grant Application Timeline:

- September 8, 2017 - Application Deadline
- September 29, 2017 - Selection Process Complete
- October 12, 2017 - Awards Announced at AMC in Spartanburg, SC

The selection process for the education and project grants will include a review of the application by a selection committee and then a phone call interview is possible to discuss an innovative project grant.

Our goal for the innovative project portion of the grant program is to reward the Chambers that are being creative and innovative in their efforts and then assist all members by sharing new, tried, and proven successful innovative programs to enable our members to continue to improve and become more relevant in your own community.

The intent of the second component of the grant program is to reward Chambers that are embracing continuing education opportunities for you and your staff. The continuing education grant portion of the application is for those seeking educational opportunities outside traditional Chamber avenues such as Institute or through our Association. The training program should enhance or develop a skill for you or a staff member to help better perform your job or to tackle a new task that is needed to advance your Chamber.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact your CACCE Administrator, Tiffany Fulmer Ott, at (404) 312-0524 or